I have created many site-specific one-of-a-kind clockwork sculptures, and I can make one for you. Here are some of my past projects:


After consultations, I will design a clockwork sculpture specific to your setting and draft a proposal for your approval. Depending on the site you have in mind, it could be any size, any shape. It could be indoors or outdoors. Here are some ideas:

The sculpture can be free standing, wall mounted, or suspended from above. Exotic woods or local species can be considered. Glass, traditional leaded glass or kiln-fired fused glass, can provide decoration and accents in creative ways. Designs can be representative or abstract. You may have a theme in mind.

Although every clockwork sculpture by Brendan Reilly is weight-driven and therefore needs to be wound at intervals, a hidden electric motor can take care of this automatically and quietly.

Pendulums come in many forms. The traditional simple hanging pendulum is always interesting, especially if the site can accommodate a very long one. Compound pendulums incorporate multiple elements, and they can be vertical or horizontal. They generally move much more slowly than simple pendulums.  The torsional pendulum, which spins back and forth, moves in an interesting way. A familiar small example is the “anniversary clock”, usually housed under a glass dome.

Consider also the “kinetic sculpture”, which does not keep time, and whose only purpose is to be a constantly moving work of art.

Clockwork sculptures can make sounds. They can strike the hours or quarters on any sort of bell, gong, drum, chime, etc. While sounding, various sorts of automata –human, animal, or abstract figures- can move.

These are just a few of the possibilities. Let’s talk!