Answer to some of the questions I am commonly asked.

Why make clockworks out of wood?

Wood is a beautiful material. Also, in engineering terms, it works very well. It is the best material to use in large mechanisms because of its light weight.

Wooden clockworks have been around for a very long time, and many of those made centuries ago are still ticking today.

Do they keep good time?

Yes. Accuracy is within seconds per day.

How long will they last? Doesn’t wood wear quickly?

By making the wheels large in size, I reduce the forces at the mesh points and increase the surface area. I also ensure that wood acts on polished stainless steel surfaces. Under these circumstances, wood is actually a very long wearing material.  I also use ball bearings on the shafts of the gears and have parts roll on each other, rather than rub, wherever possible.

I have been making clocks since 1979 and have yet to see significant wear on any clock I’ve made. These works will certainly outlive the purchaser and will last many generations thereafter. They will also outlive all but the highest quality commercially produced metal clockworks.

Will humidity affect the works?

The moving parts are made of laminated wood to minimize the effects of humidity. Metal parts are stainless steel or brass so they won’t corrode. These clocks keep on ticking in any weather.

What kind of maintenance is required?

 Other than winding and occasional dusting, none. Unlike ordinary mechanical clocks, my designs have eliminated the use of lubricated bushings because these lubricants deteriorate and necessitate regular cleaning and re-lubrication. Ordinary mechanical clocks require “cleaning” (as described above) every 3-5 years.

How do you come up with your designs?

 I have been researching, designing, and thinking about clockworks since 1979, so I have a repertoire of ideas to call upon, most of which I have yet to use. I enjoy the design process, and many of my designs are never built because I pick only the best ones to actually realize.

Can you create a clockwork sculpture just for me?

 Yes! See the “commissions” page for more details.

Are they guaranteed?

 Yes. Every piece I create carries a three year warranty.